My Malaysia Day was spent with some very inspiring individual. Dato Ambiga, Haris Ibrahim, Azmi Sharom and Pak Samad, to name a few. We came together today, not as Malay, Chinese, Indian or anything else but, as Malaysians. All of us were there not to celebrate our diversity, we have been celebrating that for long enough and much to my chagrin, this has met with little success, until some of our politicians shoot off their mouths and torpedo’s all these well-meaning efforts. No, we were there to celebrate our shared ideals and belief. One that is based on the fact that as Malaysians, whose forefathers have survived much together, we have much more to celebrate together as a people

In my humble opinion, this nation is a project, an experiment of sorts – if you will. Much like the United States, what brought us together was our yearning for freedom and an a deep seated belief that we are not the Whiteman’s burden but, equally capable human being that are able to decide our futures for ourselves. Simply put, we developed a sense of dignity and a belief in ourselves and our countrymen. What makes this an experiment, is the fact, that unlike the United Kingdom and the United States, we had no time to develop organically or hash out our differences with a gun. We had only two choices, make it or break it – with Singapore we broke, together with Sabah and Sarawak, we have made it, thus far.

Today, however we find ourselves in much the same situation. The only difference is the players but, the game remains is the same. “ In the good old day’s” as the old people love to say, the British exploited this rich land for their own gain and kept us divided in order to facilitate their personal objectives. Today on the other hand, it’s the political elites that are relying on this very same divide and rule tactics, in order to line their own pockets. I have to sometimes wonder, if this people are aware of the long term repercussion of their actions. When the British did it, they did it with the full understanding that they were not Malaysians. Thus, immaterial of what may or may not happen to this country, they were only here to plunder and our future was absolutely not a concern to them. But, these leader claim they are the sons of the soil, that this land is theirs and they’re defending they’re race. Yet, they seem incapable of finding a long time solution, one that is built on the values that our forefather espoused as they toil the land, truly building a sustainable future for all it’s citizens.

However, what I have seen today at the picnic gives me hope. Being able to meet them, shake their hand and to spend some time in their company is sufficient to reassure me that our best bet, is still in our fellow Malaysians.

At least two of them present, we’re facing charges under the Sedition Act 1948. Yet, never once did either one of them complain about it. One, was a former president of the Bar Council president, whose activism, bravery and an unwavering belief in 20140916_085325her principles has led to her having to move around with two bodyguards, always by her side. Yet, she refused to be cowed by it and has continued to be an inspiration to many Malaysians. Two other prominent figures, held in high regards by the vast majority of Malaysians for their contributions to Islam and the Malay language, could have just made a token appearance for the sake of the media. But, not this two, they to me are the very embodiment of the humility we Malaysians have become famous for. Both, Zaid Kamaruddin and Pak Samad were amongst the first to arrive and the last to leave. There was no air about them despite the stare of the public. Finally, all my fellow Malaysians who braved the rainy weather, the current sedition storm and the possibility of attack by individuals who seek to derail this worthy cause and the prying eyes of the Special Branch.

To all my fellow Malaysian’s, I say, Selamat Hara Malaysia.


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