About me

The Khurgun effect is a play on the term CSI effect. CSI effect is any of which way the exaggerated portrayal of forensic science on the film CSI has influenced the perception of the public. In away, this is also my hope for this blog of mine.

My name is Khurgun, a law student and a volunteer in a prominent NGO in Malaysia. My opinions are purely my own, it does not represent the views of anybody else or for that matter any organization, including the one I volunteer for.

Why blog

There is a selfish motive, I admit. Partly, it’s because as an aspiring lawyer, the ability to write is crucial. Thus, this allows me to practice and enhance my skills. Secondly, in order to write a thought provoking piece, one has to be well versed in the subject matter. Thus, it requires a lot of reading, another one of my passions. This allows for critical thinking, another valuable asset in my chosen profession. That’s my ulterior motive.

However, I do have a noble motive as well. One of the belief’s that the CSI effect has had on the public is that during a trial, a jury demands more concrete forensic evidence before they would convict. Similarly, Malaysians have ran the gamut of scams, lies and flimsy justification for their actions. I belive the younger generation are no longer that gullible. Hence, what I am attempting to do with my blog is to meet the justification threshold young Malaysian’s today expect. Sometimes, it’s for a cause, sometimes against.

In conclusion, I hope this blogs meets my objectives and able to convince those people who will not tolerate race based, corrupt and senseless politics. I welcome feedback and a healthy debate. But racially motivated comments and others of that nature (condemnation of other faiths etch) will not be tolerated.

Thank you.


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